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Cheryl Finnegan
Publishes New Book
Cheryl Finnegan has published a book entitled Everyday Heroes: Stores of Pine Island.

Pine Island, Minnesota, is where Cheryl calls home. Her book gives insight into members of the community who have, over time, had an impact on the community.

The stories, based on interviews Cheryl Finnegan has done over the last 35 years, relate to how 22 people have influenced others close to them and in the community. From Chris Dietz, a lifetime Boy Scout, to Amelia Shaler, who had a baby during a blizzard with her husband's and her sister's help because the doctor couldn't get there in time. (Even the skis on the front of his car didn't help Doc Mckaig.) Inspiring philosophies from Kim Tipka, who says, "Every Day is a Good Day" since surgery freed him from epilepsy to Bud Dunkle, who advised, "Don't wear your raincoat in the shower," which means, "Live Life to its Fullest." The bravery of Harold Pike, who took his first ride at the age of 98, and the firefighters who follow in their families' footsteps to serve the community in dangerous situations.

The book is a slice of history. Even though the people are from Pine Island, MN, the stories are probably similar to those of other towns from 1850 - late 1900s.

Congratulations Cheryl!