Westerville High School
Class of 1970

In Memoriam
Forty plus years ago when we graduated from High School, all of us had our lives in front of us. Sadly a few have been taken from us before we and they were ready . This page is dedicated to those in our class whose bright light burned far to short a time and to their friends and family they left behind.

If you have information or pictures you'd like to share on any of these classmates, please forward it.
Forever In Our Thoughts
Alice Lindsay 2014
Barb Schohan Winn 2009
Bill McCorkle 2017
Bill Suttle
Carolyn Bunte Blackburn 2009
Cheryl Schilling Marvin 2014
Chip Moore 2004
Chip Powell 2013
Christina Hershberger 2014
Dave Gibboney 2004
David Clever 2006
Ellen Ostrow 1984
Gary G. Miller 2014
Gayle Murphy 2010
George Gaines 2004
Gerald Swanson
Janice Harmon Yarnell 1999
Jeff Sell 2018
Jeff Wait 1970
Jerry Rambo 2018
Karen Zeiters Wood 2008
Lewis Cutler 2011
Linda Bell 1988
Mary Kay Volheim
Michael Conaway 1975
Mike Letostak 2014
Nancy (Carol) Brown Gallion 2010
Nancy Wheaton Cardinale 2018
Ralph Gorsuch 2001
Richard H. Johnson 2010
Rick Carpenter 2010
Rick Hicks 2004
Rita Barnes Ray 2010
Scott Gonser 1973
Stan Tipton 1987
Susie Dunphy Hollis 2007
Ted Nelligar

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Barb Schohan	Winn
Bill Suttle
Carolyn Bunte Blackburn
Chip Moore
Chip Powell
Dave Gibboney
David Cleaver
Ellen Ostrow
Gayle Murphy
George Gaines
Gerald Swanson
Janic Harmon Yarnell
Jeff Wait
Karen Zieters Wood
Lewis Cutler
Linda Bell
Mary Kay Volheim
Mike Conway
Nancy Brown
Ralph Gorsuch
Richard H. Johnson
Rick Carpenter
Ricks Hicks
Rita Barnes Ray
Scott Gonzer
Stan Tipton
Susie Dunphy Hollis
Ted Nelligar
Alice Lindsay
Gary G. Miller
Christina Hershberger
Mike Letostak
Cheryl Schilling Marvin
Bill McCorkle - 2017
Jeff Sell - 2018
Nancy Wheaton Cardinale 2018
Jerry Rambo 2018