Westerville High School
Class of 1970

Missing Classmates
The following list of classmates are individuals whose whereabouts is unknown. Female names are listed with Maiden Name first, then Married, (if known) and first name.  

This list is current as of December 2018

Help Us Locate Our Missing Classmates
If you have any information on any of the individuals listed as missing, please complete the form below which will be sent to Bill Henson & Scott Smith. 
Adkins Magee, Pauline
Andrix, Daniel
Asbury, Curtis
Bailey, Verlena Mae
Bartley Yount, Debra
Blais, Claudia
Bortsheller, Pam
Burwell, Joe
Collett, Terry
Dibble, Bonnie
Downey, Dennis
Dudley, Jim
Fellows Hayman, Patricia
Gallagher, Kathy
Gaston, Bruce
Goodwin, Dale
Green, James
Huff Wilburn, Debbie
Johnson, Dave
Johnson, Richard H.
Johnson, Richard L.
Koon, Michael
Koon, Robert
Laidig, Betty
Leeke, Carol
Loop, Christine
Lucas, Dianna
Lynch Lyons, Patricia
Lynch, Rick

Mason, Don
Mault Hatch, Janet
Murphy, John
Pinkerton Clark, Kathy
Ranney, Connie
Rider, Paul
Ritchie, Eugene
Roush Lawerence, Peggy
Rudder, Earl
Schlosser Dawson, Julie
Sheets, Linda
Shelton, Dave
Shields, Tom
Steele, Mary
Stonebreaker, Jim
Summerfield, Dave
Swaney Resnick, Jennifer
Taylor, Penny
Thomas, Twila
Tomlinson, Jim
Whitacre, Mkie
Wood, Debbie
Wooten, Keith
Ysseldyke, Dan
Zizek, Rosemary