Westerville High School
Class of 1970

Senior Pictures
Lose your Searchlight yearbook, never got one, don't feel like getting up into the garage rafters to search for that box its in....well, we've brought the Class of 1970 senior pictures to you to help you reminisce as you travel through the class website. ENJOY!
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Chris Adams to Ernie Bailey
Verlena Bailey to Barb Biscey
Sharon Bierly to Lonnie Briggs
Brenda Brooks to Kathy Chambers

Steve Champ to Debra Cook
Pat Cote to Nicki DeCenzo
Marylee DeConnick to Vickie Dunfee
Bryan Dunkle to Debbie Ferguson

Bev Fink to Mark Gearhart
Anita Gease to Marylee Griffith
Jim Groezinger to Janet Hofmann
Bill Hogue to Jill Jensen

Christy Johnson to Jan Lacey
Donna Lambert to David Limes
Janet Linden to Kristy Mann
Joseph Martin to Rick Miller

Rob Miner to Ruth Nagle
Kathy Nelson to Jerry Rambo
Connie Raney to Peggy Roush
Linda Roy to Fran Schmidt

Barb Schohan to Bill Slack
Martin Slane to Jennifer Swaney
Donna Swindler to Sandy Ullom
Doug Umbleby to Nancy Wheaton
Mike Whitacre to Jim Zinn